Artwork Guide

Artwork Guide

When supplying your artwork to Infiniti, please be sure to follow this guide for the best results and to avoid delays to the production of your order. If you are unsure about anything, or need a little help, call us on 01482 831816, we are happy to assist.

Preferred Format – Adobe PDF

Saving your file as detailed below is best option for print production. Most programs allow you to “Save as” or “Export” your artwork to PDF format. 

  • Press Quality
  • Compatibility PDF 1.4
  • All printers marks
  • Bleed – 3mm
  • Output to CMYK
  • Embed fonts
  • Saved as individual pages, NOT spreads
  • Do not add a password to your file

Quark Xpress & Adobe In Design

We will accept these files but we would prefer that you follow the above guide and export your file as a PDF before sending to us. If you are using Quark, please COLLECT FOR OUTPUT and include all files and fonts associated with your artwork. If using InDesign please PACKAGE your artwork and include all fonts and files associated with your artwork. With both of these formats ensure you have set up your pages to the correct size and to include bleed.


We will accept these files but we would prefer that you follow the above guide and export your file as a PDF before sending to us. If you are using Illustrator, please save as an EPS format. Include bleed and crop marks and convert fonts to outlines.


Photoshop files should be supplied as TIF files. Ensure your document is FLAT and the mode is CMYK. Resolution should be 300dpi. When saving, do not use any image compression such as LZW. Bleed and crop marks must be included.

Microsoft Publisher

We will accept these files but we would prefer that you follow the above guide and export your file as a PDF before sending to us. Include bleed and crop marks.

Other Microsoft Programs

We do not accept any Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint files for print production. If you have created your artwork in one of these programs, please save as PDF before sending to us. We would highly recommend that you opt for a proof when using these programs to create your artwork, as output can be unpredictable and results can sometimes be disappointing, especially colour interpretation and final quality. Call us on 01482 831816 and we’ll be happy to help you get the best possible result.



If your artwork has printing running all the way to the edge, it needs bleed. This means the artwork needs to “bleed off” the edge of your document. This is so when we cut your job, our guillotine blade has ink on the paper at both sides of the cut. This is how solid colour to the very edge of your printing is achieved. Your artwork should contain 3mm of bleed to allow for this. 

If the program you are using does not allow for this, you will need to make it 3mm bigger on all edges. We would also advise that you give yourself a margin of 5mm inside the edge of your document and not place text or important content in this area. 

Photographs and Images

We recommend all images should be supplied as 300dpi CMYK. 


If you are not supplying your artwork as a PDF, or EPS with fonts converted to outlines, you MUST include the fonts you are using with your artwork. We have lots of fonts, but we don’t have them all, so if you don’t supply them we won’t be able to produce your print. We will only use your supplied fonts for the production of your print. If you are concerned in any way about supplying fonts, please refer to our PDF guide above, which avoids this issue as separate fonts are not required.

If we are personalising a mailing for you, we NEED the fonts. Please see our Mailing Guide for more information. 

If you have any further questions or concerns please call us on 01482 831816. 

I just wanted to let you know how pleased i am with the design and
print work you have recently completed for me. Adam is to be commended
on his attention to detail and professionalism. The forms were delivered
much quicker than expected and were far cheaper than your competitors.
Adams suggestions to the existing design and layout worked very well. I
will be very happy to recommend your services to my customers.
Thank you for a job well done

– Colin Esslemont

Managing Director
Kingston Automotive Ltd.

Kingston Automotive