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Why You Need a Great Business Card

25 February 2018

The humble business card; a simple tool to share your contact information with another human being. Chances are, when you give out a card it will be to someone you’ve only just met. Along with the hundreds of other ways we make a first impression on people, through body language, hand shake, dress and eye contact, your card will speak volumes about you and your business.  It’s vital that it says the right things.


No card at all?
If you are in any kind of business, whatever it is, unless you’ll never meet anyone, you need a card. Don’t be conned into thinking business cards are old hat, and that everything is electronic these days. Who wants to go scrolling through hundreds of emails to find a business contact? Business cards are a handy size and can easily fit into a diary, wallet or pocket. You can pin a business card to a notice board or fridge. It can be put aside for later, and will provide an instant memory jogger for the recipient of you and your business. People keep business cards they receive. They keep you.


Design in mind
If you are thinking about your business card, then the first thing to address it the design. It should be simple, but not bland. Inspiring, but not cluttered, and your message should be clear. That little 55 x 85mm card tells new people you meet who you are. Before ordering your next batch of cards, ask yourself; ‘is this who I am? Is this how I want people to see me’? 

A good memorable card can kick start a great flow of conversation with your new contact – it can initiate interest, or on the flip side, it can kill it in an instant. 


Print Quality
An obvious one really, print quality must be excellent. The print quality on your card reflects on the overall quality of you and your business, so make sure it’s right. 


Paper “Feel”
When you hand a new contact your business card, before they even look at it, they feel it. The first impression is the feel of the paper in their hand. They will notice, maybe unconsciously, if that feel is less or more than they were expecting. The poor quality paper of a shoddy business card is akin to the limp handshake. Make sure your card is printed onto a heavy, sturdy board, and the very first impression, the feel, will be right.


Does it say what you do?
Again, it seems obvious, but many people wander around handing out cards that don’t actually state what they do or what their business is all about. If your company name isn’t intrinsically linked to the business you are in, make sure you have a slogan or business description on the card. This will ensure that your contacts, whom you may have met only briefly, remember not only who you are, but what you do, and more importantly, why they need to call you.

Bottom line, if you mean business, you need a great business card.

So make sure you make a really great first impression. With business cards costing as little as £23 for a beautifully printed card on 450gsm silk board, why wouldn’t you? 

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