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Reach out to your customers with custom direct mail postcards

29 March 2018

Are you looking for ways to expand your client base and grow your company? Struggling to bring in the right kind of clients, or break into the competitive online market? You mind find it easier, and more cost effective, to reach out to your customers with direct mail marketing postcards. Postcards are effective in getting the attention of customers.

Direct mail postcards are a popular marketing technique which can reach a large number of customers quickly, and for a remarkably low cost. They are more personal than a traditional flyer, and can hold more information across the two sides. Postcards are cheap to send in the mail, they fit any letterbox easily, and they can be customised to include almost any information and design.

Postcards can be used as reminders for existing customers, such as when an appointment or service check is due. They are a great way to keep in touch and to retain the business of a client in the long term. They can also be used on a wider scale to promote special offers and deals for loyal clients, or to send out a special offer to all customers.

Direct Mail Printing Services

With direct mail printing, you could reach out to your entire mailing list in a fast and cost-effective way. The more a client sees your name in their mail, the more they will recognise your brand. Though you should be careful not to overdo contact and hassle the potential customer, make sure you follow up with future contacts to keep your name in their head.

It’s also crucial to make sure your mail targets the right people. If your address list is out of date or if your mailing list fails to distinguish between types of contacts, you could be spending money on direct mail marketing that is not hitting the right people. Put a little time and effort into analysing your market, and you’ll see it pay off when your postcards start converting.

Unlike a flyer, a direct mail postcard doesn’t need to push a sale directly. Instead, it should encourage contact with your company. Include web and social media links, phone numbers and location addresses to boost the chance of further action from the customer. If they are ready to buy, they will seek you out via your postcard.

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