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Why business stationery printing is still relevant in 2018

13 April 2018

The internet and modern digital technologies, together with the introduction of the paper-free office, may have encouraged many companies to conduct a vast proportion of their business online, but there is still a good deal of relevance to business stationery printing. Companies querying whether or not business stationery printing is still relevant need to take a look at the frequency with which digital devices fail and develop recognition of the fact that nothing beats the professional image that’s conveyed by printed business stationery.

Reasons to opt for business stationery printing

Printed business stationery indicates a personal and professional approach, which cannot be beaten by impersonal emails or text messages. Letterhead printing and envelope printing should not be neglected by companies, as printed letterheads have a tangibility and credibility that is impossible to achieve via electronic means. Indeed, formal and legal business documents may well still need to be in paper format to ensure their legality. But mailing out business letters and carrying out direct mail marketing from your company on good quality, letterheaded paper can add a personal touch that is really appreciated by leads and customers.

Business cards are still essential for senior executives and representatives of companies as they can be so useful as marketing tools at events or exhibitions and, again, give clients and prospects a tangible reminder of your business and the services you provide. A good quality business card featuring your company’s branded logo and highlighting all your contact details beats a quick email any time. What’s more, when you are out and about and meeting new contacts, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to enter contact details into a mobile device only to discover it is out of charge. Business cards are a professional tool that are still in constant demand in the modern business world.

Finally, printed business stationery is one more way of enhancing brand awareness and establishing the legitimacy and professionalism offered by your company.

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