Mailing Guide

To get the best out of your data, and ensure speedy turnaround of your mailing project, we recommend following our basic guidelines. Data which has not been correctly formatted can lead to unnecessary costs and delays.

The basic service offered via our web site does not include any work on your data. We do not touch your data. We simply import it and print it. 

Using the guide below, prepare your data as shown for trouble free and cost effective mailing. 

If you are unsure about the quality of your list, we offer a DATA CHECK service for £10, which will advise you of any issues relating to the formatting of your list.

Formatting Your Data in Your Spreadsheet

  1. Do not to include information on your list that is not required for the mailing. Only include the information that will actually get printed. In most cases, this is simply the customer name, address and postcode information.
  2. If your mailing is a letter and you wish to have “Dear Mr Jones” for example, we recommend you add a salutation into your data.
  3. Ensure there are no spaces at the beginning of each cell. This will indent your data, making its appearance messy.
  4. Capitalise names and places.
  5. Ensure the postcode is in the correct format. AA1 1AA. There must be a space between the two parts of the postcode and they must be in capitals.
  6. Include your own company in the list, so you get a copy of mailing at the same time as your customers.
  7. Never put all address information into one cell. Format by Address 1, Address 2, Address 3, City, County, Postcode. It doesn’t matter if some of these fields are empty for some customers if they do not apply, or the customer has a short address.
  8. Check for unwanted commas, again these will make your final mailing piece look untidy.
  9. Ensure the top cell is the name of the field, and format your data as shown below.

The above example is a good clean list, ready for mailing. It contains only the information required to get the mailing piece to the customer.

List Cleaning

The basic service we offer on our web site does not include “cleaning” of you data. You should ensure your data does not contain duplicates, and look up any questionable contacts you may have on your list.

We do offer a Data Cleansing service, which would be priced based on sight of your list. Please contact us 01482 831816 for more information.

Mailing Services

The service offered via our web site is Economy Flex. You should allow three working days from date of mailing, until it lands on doormats. Sometimes it will arrive quicker, sometimes slower as the mail service can be unpredictable, especially at busy times such as Christmas. 

Other services are available, such as two day, and first class. Please contact us if you wish to upgrade the mailing service.

Please note, we can not take responsibility for your mailing after it has left our control. Services can at times be unpredictable and occasionally pieces may get lost once they get into the Royal Mail system, although this is exceedingly rare.

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